YMA Toon Shader for Redshift and Cinema 4D

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This bundle includes:

  • A fully packaged xpresso node with custom UI that integrates seamless into Redshift and C4D compatible with C4D 2023.2.0+ / RS 3.5.14+ PC and Intel Mac. (*Mac M1 and M2 please read Disclaimer at bottom)
  • 30 Fully Created Preset Toon Styles (materials in one C4D file ready to drag and drop immediately)
  • Asset Browser Presets library to load 30 Toon Styles from C4D asset browser at any time.
  • 8 4k and 2k textures to create custom sketch lines, halftone styles and custom toon patterns Sketch Lines, Watercolor style, Tech details
  • 1 pdf detailing 30 preset shaders, 1 asset library quickstart video, 1 xpresso node installation video, 6 demo product walkthrough videos

Leverage All the Power of Redshift

The YMA Toon Shader is fully compatible with all Redshift functionality. Giving you the ability to combine a toon look with the full power of Redshift.

Easy to use Xpresso Redshift Node

Simply create a light, drag onto node and you are ready to seamlessly update lighting with the entirety of the Redshift workflow.

30 Drag 'n' Drop Preset Shaders

We've created 30 specific toon styles you can drag on any object and access any setting to further modify color, outlines, shading and textures. Create endless variations of looks in minutes.

Endless Styles

With a few simple sliders create as many different toons styles as you can imagine.


Please note with the release of C4D 2024 the YMA Toon Shader UI is now exclusively available in the Shader Graph (double click a material).

The YMA Toon Shader is made in C4D 2023.2.0 with Redshift 3.5.14. on Windows PC. Earlier versions of either will result in unstable features, color workflow issues or will not be able to function (due to upgrades in Cinema and/or Redshift). We highly recommend to use C4D 2023.2.0 with Redshift 3.5.14+ for all features to function as we can not rebuild for earlier versions.

Please be aware that if you are running on a MAC this shader may not work depending on hardware. If you are on a M1/M2 machine and the render appears black, please run C4D in Rosetta.

This shader runs best with Windows/PC. It requires an OSL compiler that can be incompatible with some MAC machines due to Metal chipsets. Please contact us prior to purchase if any questions.

About us

You and Me Academy is a learning site ran by Joe Lawrence and Theo Daley. We are industry veterans with years of experience working in the television, game and film industry. We aim to create tutorials and tools that help expand our own workflow and share with others.

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YMA Toon Shader for Redshift and Cinema 4D

5 ratings
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